With Industry expertise and advance analytics capabilities, we help turn everyday information into useful and actionable insights.



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InfraBiz Team can deliver insights to help you better understand your customers and markets. This allows your company to serve them more effectively.

Analytics Information Management

Technology | Management | Volume

As technology makes information easier to create and collect, its volume grows, and effective management and analysis become harder and critical. At InfraBiz we not only analyze that information, sort , compile and treat it but we also help you implementing solutions to help you navigate it easier.

Market Research

Market Research | Investigation | Analysis

InfraBiz Team can research the information that has value for your company. There are many services on-line that can sell you general industry data, but how many do you see that the data is really adapted to your business and needs? At InfraBiz we specialize our selves in providing you the right data, the one that can take your business to the next level. 

Analytics Lead Team

Procurement Processes and Analytics Lead

Helga Godinho | Managing Partner

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