We help your business innovate and transform to meet outstanding results. We help imagine, deliver and run your business wherever your business compete, from strategic development through implementation. 


Roadmap Development | Custom Business Plans | Project Delivery | Alternative Project Delivery Methods

| Merger and Acquisition

Achieving your business outcomes and continued growth demands a strategic roadmap and smarter insights. The solutions you implement today will help pave the way for success tomorrow.

Partnerships & Joint Ventures

Partnerships | Joint Ventures 

Companies that operate alone experience high costs and a longer time for reaching their goals. InfraBiz is a strong advocate of partnerships and joint ventures. We have an extensive network that can provide you with a solution for a fast track entry and success.

Business Development

Networking | Strategic Opportunities | Cultivating Partnerships and commercial relationships | Identifying New Markets

With vast experience and a proven track record of more than 20 years of experience in business development. InfraBiz is the right partner to create the meaningful relations and opportunities that your business requires to rise above and go beyond.


Meetings | Missions | Networking

The creation of a dedicated mission for a specific company or a group of companies will enable your opportunities to identify partners, projects and prospected clients. We can cooperate with associations and government entities. 

Identify Projects and Build Pipeline

P3 projects | Public Works | Subcontracts | Specialized contracts

Across the industries that we operate, we pay close attention to the projects pipeline as a whole, and we can assist you by identifying specific opportunities to reduce your business development costs and potentiate your chances of success.


Establishment of Subsidiary 

or Branch 

Incorporate | Subsidiary | Branch | Legal Procedures | Federal | Provincial | Non-Profit

If you are confident that your strategy requires a representative office or a subsidiary in Canada, InfraBiz can assist you by indicating what the best solution for your goal is.

Tender & Bid Support

Public and Private Tenders | Pre-qualifications | Subcontract Packages | Technical  & Financial  Proposal Elaboration

With +20 years of tender and bid experience, our team can help you from scratch by putting a complete package together to a simple fine-tuning of your submission to be compliant with the specifications and with the applicable standards.

Product Homologation

Standards | Compliance

If your product requires a pre-approval process to comply with standards or client specifications, InfraBiz can help your company achieve that status and enable your sales opportunities. 


Workflow Optimization

and Automation

Workflow | Performance | Improvement | Optimization | Cost Efficiency

Workflow optimization is the improvement of an existing workflow by reducing operating costs, improving the efficiency of work done, adding new functions to an existing workflow, the time taken to complete the task at hand, and other factors to ensure the workflow performs as efficiently as possible.

Consulting Lead Team

Strategy & Business Development Lead

Procurement Processes and Analytics Lead

Workflow Optimization and Automation Lead

Mario Rosado | Managing Partner

Helga Godinho | Managing Partner

Andy De Campos | Associate

CRM Implementation Lead

Carol De Campos | Associate

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