According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development   (the “OECD”), the government of Canada’s public procurement expenditures, for goods and services, accounts for close to 33% of federal government expenditures, or slightly more than 13% of Canada’s GDP.


The Government of Canada is one of the largest public buyers of goods and services in Canada, purchasing approximately $22 billion worth every year on behalf of federal departments and agencies. As the government's main buyer of goods and services (including construction), Public Works and Government Services Canada ("PWGSC") plays a key role by helping federal departments and agencies define their requirements or scope of work, and obtain what they need at the best value.

PWGSC procurement activities are principally carried out pursuant to the following legal framework:

  • statutes and regulations;

  • agreements;

  • policies, directives, procedures and guidelines; and

  • challenge process.

When a federal department or agency sends a requisition to PWGSC, depending on the requirements, the requisition may be handled by a contracting officer at headquarters or in a regional office.

In keeping with the Government Contracts Regulations, procurement is done by means of:

  • a competitive procurement process whenever possible; or

  • a non-competitive procurement process (only used in certain special circumstances).

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