Mario Rosado

CEO |Strategy and Business Development Lead

C: +1 (647) 261-8256

Mario Rosado is the founding partner and chief executive officer of InfraBiz Inc. For more than 20 years Mario has served several major construction companies in several continents and business environments. Mario got his Master Degree in Civil Engineering in 1999 in Lisbon, Portugal and become specialized in Infrastructures development and construction. Mario has extensive experience in management , business development and strategy.

Helga Godinho

Managing Partner  |Procurement Processes and Analytics Lead

C: +1 (647) 891-2865

Helga Godinho is managing partner of InfraBiz Inc. For more than 20 years Helga has served several major construction companies.. Helga got her Master Degree in 2000 in Lisbon, Portugal and become specialized in rail infrastructure. Helga has extensive experience in tendering, qualifications and market research. Helga brings to InfraBiz the know-how of public contracting.

Helga has developed over the years a passion for research the market and collecting data and sorting information to enable our clients to see more clear the market, the opportunities, the challenges and enable them to put a strategy for success.

Amandio Ferreira

Associate  |Audit and Risk Assessment Lead

C: +1 (905) 334-0400

Amandio has +20 years of public and private sector experience in Europe and North America. He has been working for diverse companies and institutions, from audit authorities to corporations and non-profit organizations. He is an Auditor, with a strong experience in Operational, Financial, Compliance and Follow-up. Amandio is also specialized in risk assessment and his extensive audit experience includes also leading roles in inventory and cash management, loss prevention, shrink and project management. He is highly familiar with various North American and European markets and regulatory environments, and has a proven ability to prioritize and deliver results/solutions. In addition to obtaining a Law and Master Degree in Portugal, Amandio has completed post-graduate studies in Canada and Finland in the areas of international law and business.

Andy de Campos

Associate  |Workflow Optimization and Automation Lead

 C: +1 (416) 822-2752

Andy is a Workflow Optimization specialist with a passion for Follow-up. Andy will have you increase your Sales by helping you to stay organized, and stay in touch with your Contacts as you eliminate the grunt work in your process. Businesses too often focus on the immediate contacts on the radar but forget to stay in touch with the rest. There are just too many contacts over time and this is why it is hard to follow-up or build relationships. Andy solves that by helping you with Workflow tool and process to keep all your data in a single easy to use interactive system. How you sell is up to you. You have your own style. Andy gives you the tools a three step system for you to get the most ROI from your contacts.

Carol De Campos

Associate  |CRM Implementation Lead

C: +1 (416) 702-2264

Carol De Campos has been working in administrative positions in companies since 2000 in various industries including and not limited to marketing, education, food and beverage, charitable and non-profit organizations, import/export companies, retail sales, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, freight and transport, entertainment. Throughout, Carol’s strength has been in structural organization and practical application of streamlining and organization.  She looks at current operational practices and streamlining operations through programming, organizing, and planning ahead to ensure processes are simple and easy to replicate, adaptable to changing dynamics within the business environment, while adhering to government regulations.  She’s been able to set protocols in place that ensure the longevity of the business despite staff-turnovers and she’s eager to assist in transitions for companies.  Carol is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt utilizing her experience in administration to further eliminate wastes while minimizing defects. Since the founding of Office SOS, Carol has assisted a number of companies in implementing CRM and ERP systems, working with them initially to find the 8 Wastes in their workflow process and working with the software providers as a liaison to ensure the needs of the clients are fully met, technical format of the system is fully understood, and creating the bridges between the existing data from the client to import into the systems.

Paul Rocha

Associate  |Cyber Security Advisory Lead

C: +1 (416) 432-7662

Paulo’s strong entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish several successful businesses. Together with his partner he started one of Toronto’s most successful translation agencies, establishing contracts with clients such as, Elections Canada, Toronto Tourism, and Chubb. Paulo has an addiction to Technology. Paulo has spent several sleepless nights learning to code and setup high level telephone, web and mail servers. 

Sergio Ruivo

Associate  |Tax, Accounting and Financial Advisory Lead

 C: +1 (416) 897-2972

Sergio Ruivo is a Chartered Accountant and Licensed Public Accountant with +30 years’ experience in public accounting, industry and management and tax consulting. His combination of business experience and professional expertise in accounting and taxation ensure that the maximum level of value and insight is delivered to every client interaction. 

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