Committed to improving the quality of life of Canadians by ensuring the country’s abundant natural resources are developed sustainably, competitively and inclusively, InfraBiz brings the international knowledge and experience to the sector with cutting edge technology partners.


Commercial production of natural stone is an important industry in most provinces representing a total production volume of over 109 million tons. The principal types of stone quarried in Canada are Limestone, granite, sandstone and marble. Sustainable exploration is a major milestone for modern industry.


Oil & Gas

Canada has 171 billion barrels of oil reserves, of which 165 billion barrels are oil sands reserves. That’s about 10% of the world’s total crude oil reserves. 

5th in the world in crude oil production, currently producing 4.4 million barrels per day, just under 5% of the world’s total crude oil production. 

18th in natural gas reserves, at just under 2.0 trillion cubic meters. That’s about 1% of the world’s total natural gas reserves.

6th in natural gas production, after the US, Russia, Iran and Qatar. Canada is currently producing 164 billion cubic metres per day, about 5% of the world’s total natural gas production


Mining is a pan-Canadian industry. Minerals and metals are the building blocks of the computers and smartphones we rely on, of the vehicles and public transit that get us places, of the buildings where we live and work, and of green technologies that help make the world a more sustainable place.


Canada is the second largest country in the world with forest or other wooded land making up 40% of its 979 million hectares. Canada’s forest cover represents 30% of the world’s forest and 9% of the world’s overall forest cover.

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