The Government is working to give every Canadian a real and fair chance at success, in part by making investments in Indigenous communities, early learning and childcare, affordable housing, home care, and cultural and recreational infrastructure. InfraBiz will help our clients be part of these opportunities. 

Public Buildings

Schools, Courts, Jails and other Government-owned buildings are relevant infrastructures of modern society. However, most of these infrastructures are old and need to be replaced. Canada isn't different; most of the current assets were built in some cases half a century ago to almost a century ago. They are not functional and up to current standards. The investment to upgrade these assets is allocated, and it is estimated in several billion of dollars. 

Health Facilities

Hospitals, Nursing Houses, Research facilities, among others, are crucial to the Canadian people. They are the backbone of a healthy society. Most of these facilities are publicly owned. However, there is a large private component, either on the management and also on the development. 

During the recent pandemic, the health sector has been fueled with funding, and it is not foreseen that scenario will change in the near future.

Affordable Housing

Many cities in Canada face a shortage of affordable houses. Combined with an extremely aggressive real estate market that has pushed people out of the cities, the affordable housing projects are places where families and individuals live in safe, well-maintained and affordable housing whit respect and dignity and where people have equal opportunities to succeed. 

Affordable housing projects will, among other things, enhance partnerships with indigenous communities, prevent homelessness, meet diverse housing needs for seniors, continue the revitalization of neighbourhoods.

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