InfraBiz is specilized in business development and project controls.

We are located in the City of Toronto, Canada.

By delivering insight and advice at every stage of the business life cycle, InfraBiz collaborates to create solutions that sustain value and create competitive advantages. By helping businesses anticipate challenges and needs, InfraBiz promotes sustainability and long-term growth.
Two women and a man looking at a project while working as a team

Company Overview

Pioneers in Infrastructure & Construction Consulting. At InfraBiz, we're more than just a consulting firm – we're your partners in shaping the future. Specialized in infrastructure and construction, our mission since our foundation in 2013 has been to empower businesses to carve their niche and thrive in their markets. By deeply understanding the unique needs of each project, we ensure that our clients not only remain competitive but also lead in their domains. Our philosophy blends strategic consistency with dynamic adaptability. We champion our clients' vision, preempt challenges, and convert them into opportunities. It's no wonder that we've crafted over $1 Billion in project opportunities for our clients throughout our journey. Nestled in Toronto, our team brings together an impressive collective expertise that spans more than a century. Our reputation echoes beyond our borders, with accolades from both Canadian and international firms. InfraBiz: Building Value. Crafting Futures.


Our mission is to elevate businesses by enhancing their competitiveness, efficiency, and effectiveness.


At InfraBiz, our core values are the bedrock of our culture and decisions. We uphold personal and professional integrity, consistently delivering exceptional work that stands up to the highest standards. With a proactive mindset, we continually strive for excellence and challenge the status quo.

Operating Markets

InfraBiz has firmly rooted its presence in North America, operating extensively across the United States and Canada.
Map of the locations where Infrabiz operates, where is pinned: Toronto, Houston, São Paulo, Lisbon, Vilnius and Hong-Kong.

Strategic Partnerships

At InfraBiz, our strength lies in a potent blend of an experienced team and cutting-edge industry insights. This positions us uniquely to pave the way for business success. Recognizing the power of collaboration, we've strategically partnered with esteemed firms that resonate with our commitment. Together, we provide unparalleled excellence in business development, project controls, and claims management to our clientele.

We are the missing link to your success