Infrabiz is a Canadian company

Our corporate head office is located in the City of Toronto.

By delivering insight and advice at every stage of the business life cycle, InfraBiz collaborates to create solutions that sustain value and create competitive advantages. By helping businesses anticipate challenges and needs, InfraBiz promotes sustainability and long-term growth.
Two women and a man looking at a project while working as a team

Company Overview

We are a consulting company specialized in infrastructure and construction. Our performance is committed to building value for business and making it competitive and relevant in the market from a detailed understanding of each project's real needs. Since Infrabiz began its history in 2013, we believe that in addition to a consistent strategic plan, having dynamism and opening to new perspectives is also what ensures sustainable growth, so InfraBiz works alongside our clients from their vision, anticipating challenges and finding opportunities. In 2020, focusing on continuing to exceed our clients' expectations, we expanded our services to the areas of financial and risk advisory, market research, tax management and audits. Since our foundation, we have created almost $1 Billion in project opportunities for our clients. At our current Toronto headquarters, we have more than 100 years of experience combined with our team of experts and business development enthusiasts. We are proud to be recognized not only by Canadian companies but also by multinational companies.


Our mission is to provide an exceptional service that helps businesses to excel and go beyond, increasing competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness in their segments.


Infrabiz core value drives the decisions we make, shapes our company culture, and supports our mission to provide our clients with exceptional service. Our core values reside in personal and professional integrity. Hold to principles and deliver outstanding work that meets individual and firm standards. Be proactive, always raise the bar and never be satisfied with the status quo.

Operating Markets

InfraBiz has grown across borders and now has a footprint in Houston, Sao Paulo, Lisbon, Vilnius and Hong Kong. We are no longer present in Moscow. In our expansion plan, we expect to be present in Dubai, Tokyo, Hanoi and Sidney by the end of 2023.
Map of the locations where Infrabiz operates, where is pinned: Toronto, Houston, São Paulo, Lisbon, Vilnius and Hong-Kong.

Our Team

Having a strong and experienced team combined with advanced industry knowledge makes InfraBiz the right partner to create opportunities and lead businesses into the success path. Check below our senior team members.

We are the missing link to your success