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Welcome to our Collaboration Portal, where we celebrate the power of collective potential. Within this hub, you'll find key clients from the industry, each holding the promise of being your next pivotal business ally. We're deeply acquainted with their expertise and capabilities. Dive deeper and explore their world – simply follow the website links provided below.


Railway Technology | Sweden |
AMTAB, headquartered in Sweden, stands at the forefront of advanced train detection and control technology. With a rich legacy spanning over 25 years, our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence ensures that our equipment embodies the highest standards of reliability, precision, and longevity. From in-motion weighing systems to wheel plane and train detection solutions, AMTAB's products have been rigorously tested and proven in some of the globe's most challenging operational environments.

Sweden Train Detection | Weight-in-Motion | Wheel Flat Detection


EPC Contractor | Portugal |
Originating from Portugal, Efacec boasts a rich heritage nearing 70 years and has firmly established itself on the global stage, with an expansive footprint in over 65 countries. As a brand deeply rooted in innovation and quality, Efacec dedicates its expertise to crafting high-value solutions for pivotal infrastructural domains, encompassing Energy, Environment & Industry, as well as Mobility & Transportation.

Transit and transport | Bioenergy | Waste management | Power transformers and substations | Automation | Scada | Mobility


General contractor | Canada |
EICI, renowned both in France and globally, is distinguished by its remarkably comprehensive array of technical expertise. The Group diligently channels its prowess into diverse sectors: from construction and real estate development to civil engineering, metal construction, road building, energy, and concessions. In each domain, EICI exemplifies excellence and innovative vision

Bridge Construction | Bridge Rehabilitation | Concrete Structure Repairs


Structural Engineering | Canada |
FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores is a company primarily focused on civil engineering consultancy. With extensive experience in their field, FHECOR has taken part in the development and design of numerous significant infrastructural projects, particularly bridges, tunnels, and buildings. Their team of professionals boasts a broad range of expertise and is dedicated to providing solutions that are both innovative and functional. The firm also prioritizes sustainable engineering and integrates eco-friendly practices into its designs wherever possible.

Bridges | Buildings | Special Structures | Engineering


Precast and Erection | Hong Kong |
iForm stands at the cutting edge of infrastructure development, specializing in the design and provision of advanced precast forms and erection equipment tailored for bridge and tunnel construction. With a focus on innovation and precision, iForm is committed to facilitating groundbreaking advancements in infrastructure projects.

Bridges | Tunnels


Modular Bridges | Portugal |
Leveraging extensive human resources expertise and a distinguished network of suppliers and partners, MBS excels in offering comprehensive solutions in the realm of modular bridges. Our services span the entire lifecycle—from Development and Design to Manufacturing and Assembly. Whether for sale or rental, our modular bridge solutions cater to both civil and military applications across the globe.

Modular bridges | Temporary bridges | Emergency and disaster replacement bridges

MRP Builders-Engineers

Building Contractor | Canada |
MRP Builders - Engineers, established in 1999, is deeply rooted in a customer-centric ethos, further strengthened by the vast expertise of its founders. Recognizing a significant demand in the market for smaller yet intricate projects, the firm has carved out a niche by developing specialized solutions for institutional buildings. Their portfolio proudly encompasses sectors like hospitals, airports, and transportation facilities.

Hangers | Airport Structures | Industrial Structures


Scaffolding and Shoring | Portugal |
METALUSA, SA stands as a leading European powerhouse in the realm of producing, marketing, and renting equipment that elevates both productivity and safety standards across construction and industry sectors. With a keen edge in technical expertise, the company specializes in a diverse range of products, including facade and multidirectional scaffolding, vertical and flat forms, shoring systems, suspended work platforms, facade stabilizers, and modular structure construction.

Scaffolding | Shoring | Formwork


Specialized Light Rail Contractor | Portugal |
STECONFER cements its reputation as a premier global player in railway construction, boasting a seasoned workforce and a robust fleet tailored for track, overhead line, railway signalling, and other integral railway systems. Established in 1997, the company is deeply anchored in its core values: unwavering technical competence, forward-thinking innovation, steadfast professionalism, and a profound commitment to social responsibility. With a legacy spanning decades, STECONFER continues to shape the future of railway construction on the global stage.

Track | OCS | Signaling


Bridge and LNG construction | Italy |
Headquartered in Milan, TENSA stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of structural engineering solutions. As a market leader, the company specializes in stay cables, post-tensioning, anti-seismic devices, structural bearings, and expansion joints. Strengthening its international presence, TENSA has expanded with 'Tensa America', a dedicated subsidiary based in Miami. Together, with a commitment to innovation and quality, they've extended their expertise to over 50 countries globally, reinforcing structures and bridging gaps across continents.

Stay Cable | Post-Tensioning | Bearings Joints Seismic Insulators


Handmade tiles | Portugal |
Viuva Lamego holds the distinguished honor of being one of the longest-standing companies in Portugal, with its foundations laid back in 1849. As a testament to its enduring legacy and commitment to artistry, the company continually embraces collaborations with artists and architects from around the world, bridging historical craftsmanship with contemporary vision.

Public works of art | Subway stations | Art panels | Artist

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