Today's transportation management requires full integration of traffic and mobility services, which has been considered separately and in a unique way. Travellers need real-time information about transport options and multimodal route alternatives, including booking and payment services. InfraBiz will leverage its network and help your company venture successfully into the Canadian market.

Electric Vehicles

Automotive technology continues to evolve rapidly due to the continuous technical improvements in electric vehicles. Electric vehicles represent the most significant alternative powertrain since the dawn of combustion vehicles in the early 20th century. The annual growth in electric vehicle and electric heavy-duty vehicle sales has averaged 60% and 140% per year between 2012 and 2018, respectively. Canada's auto industry lags behind other auto-manufacturing countries in its preparation for an electrified transportation future. Canada is committed to electrifying its on-road vehicles as part of the country's overall decarbonization strategy.

EV Chargers

According to Natural Resources Canada, there are currently 11,553 EV chargers open to the public at 4,993 stations across Canada. Over 1,850 of those chargers are DC fast chargers. Several networks are operating in Canada, led by Tesla with chargers in more than 500 locations across Canada. Indeed, as the amount of EVs on Canadian roads climbs, so will the demand for robust and expansive charging networks. Canada has set a target of 2040 for having all new light-duty vehicle sales be zero-emission vehicles.

Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-Driving technology is extremely expensive, putting the vehicles out of reach for the average customer. Further, there are still very few regulations regarding the vehicles, creating questions about liability if something goes wrong. Also, many consumers yet do not have trust in the vehicles. So, even if they were made available for purchase, sales may not surge immediately. Making this technology more affordable and reliable is a target for the industry and an opportunity for tech companies.

Integrated Mobility Solutions

Smart mobility solutions can keep cities on the move. Whether you run a city, a bus system, a ride-share, or a pizza delivery service, you know that traffic is one of the biggest hurdles of urban life. We can work with you to develop and implement a smart integrated mobility platform to optimize the use of transportation across your community, increasing the throughput of people and goods without building more roads or adding more vehicles.