Growth Solutions

We help your business innovate and transform to meet outstanding results. We help imagine, deliver and run your business wherever your business competes, from strategic development through implementation. 

Internationalization and cross-border expansion

Internationalization is a doorway to the future of a company. With economic globalization and the exponential increase of emerging economies, new markets' entrance is an important step in increasing the economic-financial performance. It is vital for a strategy of success to count on the necessary means, guaranteeing the knowledge and appropriate experience. InfraBiz provides support to your company throughout the entire international expansion project. A personalized and innovative service that boosts sales and reduces unforeseen situations:

  • Planning and studies;
  • Commercial advice;
  • Analysis, selection and study of external markets;
  • Trade missions and fairs participation organization.

Investment incentives

Investment incentive systems are tools that support businesses' creation, the expansion or adaptation to market demands through the financing of activity. Across the globe, governments, regions and municipalities have created incentive programs. InfraBiz will unlock them for the benefit of your company. InfraBiz provides your company with guidance on obtaining funds through:

  • Strategic Analysis and Economic Viability;
  • Identifying the best available programs; 
  • Drafting applications;
  • Implementation consulting.

Partnerships and joint ventures

Partnerships and joint venture creation require knowledge and experience to maximize the potential of all parties. For the operation to be successful, it is essential to carry out a rigorous analysis of the parties, company culture, and individual strategies. Because alone is more difficult, InfraBiz helps your company to find the right partners by providing the following services:

  • Joint Ventures and Partnerships matching, creation and advisory
  • Sales Network Development and Management;
  • Contract advisory.

Workflow optimization and automation

A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable activity pattern, enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information. It can be depicted as a sequence of operations, the work of a person or group, the work of an organization of staff, or one or more simple or complex mechanisms. By analyzing your business processes, InfraBiz will make follow-up tasks easy, Improve visibility over your clients, eliminate mistakes, comply with deadlines and standards and cut unnecessary administrative tasks and costs. We help you set up your workflow to gain efficiency and reduce your operational cost by:

  • Implement paperless workflows;
  • Compartmentalization of Information;
  • CRM customization;
  • Financial procedures optimization;
  • General ledger customization and P&L Reporting.