As a large country that relies on trade for its economic success, Canada needs to ensure that people and products can move quickly and safely to global markets. The investment by the Canadian Government will help build stronger, more efficient transportation corridors to international markets and help Canadian businesses compete, grow and create more jobs for Canada's middle class.

InfraBiz is set to help our clients rise above and go beyond in this sector and benefit from the billion dollar investment set in place by the Government of Canada.

Land Freight

Canadian for-hire carriers moved 225 billion tonne-kilometres of freight in 2010, up 8.1% from 2009. Roughly 139 billion tonne-kilometres (61.5%) were carried in the domestic sector and 87 in the international sector.

Canada faces many challenges relating to its road transportation infrastructure. Some are unique to the country—such as its extensive land mass and often harsh climate, its high degree of urbanization, and its high level of trade dependency—and some are shared by others, including an aging road and highway infrastructure, limited finances, issues of road safety, and environmental considerations.

Marine Infrastructure

Activities dependent on the ocean make a substantial contribution to the Canadian Economy. New marine economic activities emerged over the years including tourism, aquaculture, bio-technologies, specialized manufacturing and offshore oil and gas exploration and development.

Aeronautic Industry

A High-Performing Industry, Canada is home to many aerospace companies employing over 89,000 skilled professionals. The aerospace industry contributed $13.1 billion to Canadian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2018. 93% of aerospace manufacturing firms were exporters in 2018, 44% higher than the manufacturing average.

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